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Looking to increase your security in a home or business setting? PRO Security is the industry leader in providing professional security controls and alarm systems to Richmond. Our systems are tailored to our clients’ needs, with an emphasis on hassle-free installation and maintenance.

Protect your property from intrusion and theft and enjoy peace of mind. Consider an alarm system as a preventative maintenance measure that will help you breathe easy. Contact us on 1800 000 100 / 03 9873 4311 to speak with our team and explore your security options.

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Smooth Alarm System Installation in Richmond

Installing an alarm system should be hassle-free and suited to the characteristics of your property. If you want to screen incoming visitors and protect your property from intruders, talk to PRO Security. Our alarm system installations offer maximum functionality and security.

Prior to installation, we like to do a site analysis and meet clients face to face. This allows us to assess the specific needs of the property and to meet the needs of the property owner. Avoid blackspots and boost your security with alarm system installation by our trusted team of experts.

Alarm Monitoring for Richmond Property Owners

Alarm system monitoring should be comprehensive and put property owners at ease. PRO Security monitor alarm systems from a Grade A1 control room, the highest grade bestowed from the Australian Security Industry Association. It is all part of our commitment to providing quality alarm systems to Richmond, Victoria and throughout Australia. If our clients prefer to monitor their own system, our systems can be overseen via a smart device or computer.


Experienced and Professional Security Patrols

Our staff of highly experienced security guards are available for patrols in industrial, commercial and residential settings. Whether it is a one-off occasion or ongoing security patrols, PRO Security is the leading firm in professional security. Security patrols give our clients peace of mind and allow an added layer of protection for their property. We also provide comprehensive reports specifying when patrols were conducted so customers feel at ease and know we will be there.

For expert patrols by highly experienced staff, contact PRO Security on 1800 000 100 or 03 9873 4311.

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