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Alarm Systems Point Cook

PRO Security is the market leader for alarm systems in Point Cook and across Australia. For over thirty years, we have provided a range of advanced alarm systems, security systems, and security services. Security systems are an essential way to secure your home or business. To speak with our team and explore your security options, call 1800 000 100 / 03 9873 4311.

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Timely Alarm System Installation in Point Cook

Before installation, we like to meet our new clients for a site inspection and a face to face sit down to tailor our systems to your security needs. The key to an effective security system is sufficient coverage with no black spots. Without effective scope, alarm systems may fail to detect intruders or unauthorised personnel. Many people purchase their own system and attempt to install it in their home or business. However, we strongly recommend consulting our team of experts to ensure you select the right system to suit your property. Once we’ve decided on an alarm system that suits your needs, the installation process is efficient and hassle-free.

Alarm Monitoring for Point Cook Property Owners

PRO Security provides monitoring services and alarm systems for Point Cook and across Australia. Our systems are linked to our Grade A1 control room, staffed at all times by a trained security officer to react to triggers in real-time. In the event of an alarm trigger, our officers will contact approved key-holders to ensure it was not a false alarm. With our alarm monitoring systems, property owners can feel confident their homes and businesses are safe and secure. Would you prefer to monitor your own alarm systems in Point Cook? With our systems, you can also access and monitor your alarm via a smart device or computer.


Experienced and Professional Security Patrols

Across Point Cook, alarm systems from PRO Security are essential. As an added security layer, we also provide professional security guards and patrol services. PRO Security provides security patrols for industrial, commercial and residential settings, in addition to events. Our patrols provide households and businesses with peace of mind that will not break the bank. Whether you require static guards on short notice or security on a permanent basis, PRO Security has an option to fit your needs.

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