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Security Cameras Newport

Feel safe in your own home with a security system from PRO Security. Deter criminals and regain peace of mind with our systems.

Looking to install security cameras in Newport? We have over three decades of experience providing security solutions in Newport and across Australia. From a simple camera upgrade to a comprehensive new security system, PRO Security is the industry leader. Integrate security cameras into your property seamlessly and breathe easy knowing PRO Security is looking out for you. For a consultation, call us on 1800 000 100 or 03 9873 4311.

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Security Systems for Newport

Security systems should be tailored to suit your individual needs. Since 1992, PRO Security has been creating solutions and installing security cameras in Newport and the surrounds.  Protect your property 24/7 and take back your life. Our team will design a system to secure your home or business with a level of protection that fits.

CCTV Installation for Newport Property Owners

Installing a CCTV system is an effective deterrent for thieves and criminals. CCTV gives property owners authority over their domain and creates a more secure environment with real-time surveillance. Video surveillance is an essential form of physical evidence that often assists in the prosecution of criminals.

A CCTV system also reduces overall security costs by creating a comprehensive surveillance system without the need for added human security guards. Deployed in workplaces, CCTV systems may increase productivity and support conflict resolution. Our CCTV systems can be conveniently monitored remotely via a smart device or computer.

Intercom Systems in Houses and Businesses

For two-way communications that are secure and reliable, PRO Security is the leader in providing intercom systems to Newport and the surrounds. The modern intercom is more than just a listening and speaking tool, but a comprehensive and sophisticated identification and verification system. With a system from PRO Security, property owners can screen visitors quickly and efficiently. In a commercial setting, intercom systems add professionalism when granting entry to delivery personnel, visitors and employees. Regulate who gets in and when with an intercom system from PRO Security.

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