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Security Cameras Mitcham

Security cameras are essential to deter theft and vandalism. For security cameras in Mitcham, PRO Security is the industry leader with more than three decades of experience. Whether you require a simple upgrade to your cameras or a comprehensive new security system, our team is here to help. Above all, we value honesty and integrity and tailor our camera installation to meet the needs of the property.

Forget grainy cameras that do not work when you need them and call PRO Security to discuss your security options today on 1800 000 100.

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Security Systems for Mitcham

Security systems let owners feel at ease in their residence or place of work. A comprehensive security system may also help lower your insurance premiums and act as a highly effective crime deterrent. Unlike other security companies, we carry out a site inspection and have a face-to-face sit down with potential clients to more accurately meet the needs of the property. At PRO Security, we value our clients and emphasise a personal relationship with every customer. Therefore, each of our clients has a dedicated member of staff they may contact at any time.

CCTV Installation for Mitcham Property Owners

Installing a CCTV system is an effective deterrent for thieves and criminals and gives property owners authority over their domain. Strategically installed, CCTV systems provide enhanced security and increase the confidence and comfort of property owners and the community.

Some other benefits of a CCTV System:

  • Crime Prevention
  • Surveillance
  • Evidence
  • Dispute Resolution

Intercom Systems in Houses and Businesses

For two-way communications that are secure and reliable, PRO Security is the leader in providing intercoms and security cameras to Mitcham and the surrounds. The modern intercom is more than just a listening and speaking tool, but a comprehensive and sophisticated identification and verification system. With a system from PRO Security, property owners can screen visitors quickly and efficiently. In a professional setting, an intercom system provides a discrete and polite means of effectively verifying incoming visitors, whether they be employees or clients.

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