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Security Cameras St Kilda

Keep your home secure and effectively regulate visitors with security cameras from PRO Security. From a simple intercom to a comprehensive CCTV system, PRO Security is the expert in creating security solutions that focus on professionalism, technology and ease of use. Since 1992, PRO Security has been providing security cameras in St Kilda and throughout Australia.

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Security Systems for St Kilda

Creating security solutions is the core of our business. We set ourselves apart by focussing on customer service and a personal connection. Therefore, every PRO Security client has a staff member to call day or night. For security cameras in St Kilda, call us today for a hassle-free consultation on 1800 000 100.

At PRO Security, we believe security systems are essential to creating a safe and secure home or business space. With a fast turnaround time and afterhours availability, PRO Security designs systems from concept to implementation and maintenance.

CCTV Installation for St Kilda Property Owners

Installing a CCTV system is a crucial deterrent to criminal activity. CCTV allows St Kilda households and businesses to breathe easy. In the unfortunate event of a break-in or another type of crime, CCTV footage is an essential form of evidence used by police to identify and prosecute perpetrators.

In a professional setting, CCTV helps boost productivity by creating an environment where employees understand their actions are being overseen. CCTV footage can also assist in resolving conflicts by providing a precise record of events. CCTV systems by PRO Security are cutting edge and designed to be monitored remotely via a smart device or computer.

Intercom Systems in Houses and Businesses

Intercom systems help create a secure, professional workspace where screening incoming visitors is a breeze. In residential settings, including private homes and apartment buildings, intercoms are a form of security and convenience. In addition to these practical benefits, intercoms function as a crime deterrent that may discourage would-be criminals and vandals from proceeding.

Benefits of a PRO Security intercom system include:

  • Increased Privacy
  • Accessibility
  • Crime deterrent
  • Professionalism

At PRO Security, we specialise in intercoms in Port Melbourne and the surrounds as well as across Australia.

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