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Security Cameras Truganina

Security cameras are essential to deter potential thieves and vandals and keep your home secure. For security cameras in Truganina, PRO Security is a trusted choice that has been serving clients in Victoria and across Australia since 1992.

We provide security systems ranging from simple CCTV and intercom installation through to the most comprehensive security solution. Our sales and security technicians are here to create a tailored security solution for you today. To discuss further, contact PRO Security on 1800 000 100 or 03 9873 4311.

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Security Systems for Truganina

PRO Security is the expert in security systems, with more than three decades of experience in the industry. Some of the core reasons why security systems fail include systems that are wired without battery backups in case of a power outage, unarmed alarms, and systems that were installed incorrectly.

At PRO Security, we’ll conduct a thorough analysis of your existing security system and provide a professional report with recommendations to boost security. By utilising the latest technology, Truganina property owners can relax knowing our team of experts are working toward a tailored solution.

CCTV Installation for Truganina Property Owners

One of the most effective deterrents for thieves and criminals is installing CCTV and security cameras. Truganina households seeking a safe and secure environment are well-advised to consider a CCTV system for this very reason. Some additional benefits of a CCTV system include surveillance in real-time, evidence in the event of crime and increased privacy.

CCTV footage is crucial in helping law enforcement agencies identify and prosecute vandals and burglars, representing a crucial line of defence for property owners too often victimised by theft. Time and date stamped and accessible from your computer or smart device, our CCTV systems are optimised for you.

Intercom Systems in Houses and Businesses

For an intercom system that is comprehensive, secure and reliable, PRO Security is the industry leader. Our intercom solutions allow property owners to screen incoming visitors efficiently and discreetly. In the workplace, intercoms also help coordinate incoming visitors and employees with ease. In addition to boosting security and privacy, intercom systems are an essential tool to manage unexpected visitors safely.

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