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Security Cameras Yarraville

A Security system should be tailored to you. PRO Security is the industry leader in providing security solutions that emphasise functionality, technology and ease of use. With thousands of clients across Australia, we bring experience and knowledge to keep our clients safe and secure. For security cameras in Yarraville, call us today for a hassle-free consultation on 1800 000 100.

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Security Systems for Yarraville

Security solutions are our business. Since 1992, PRO Security has been providing security cameras in Yarraville and throughout Australia. We are also a proud gold member of the Australian Security Industry Association.

At PRO Security, we think security systems are vital to building a home or business that is safe and functional. Many security systems installed by homeowners fail on both fronts, and they may leave households exposed to intruders thanks to dodgy cameras or a power outage. Boosted by fast turnaround times and afterhours availability, PRO Security will recommend and install a security solution that fits your lifestyle and needs.

CCTV Installation for Yarraville Property Owners

To detect and deter would-be criminals, installing a CCTV system is vital. CCTV gives property owners authority over their domain, allowing them to feel safe in the office and at home. When the unthinkable happens, CCTV footage is often an essential form of evidence that proves vital to successfully identify, catch and prosecute perpetrators of crime. In workplaces, CCTV helps boost productivity by gently reminding employees that their actions are being overseen. Surveillance footage may also assist in resolving conflicts by providing a date and time record of events. Most importantly, our CCTV systems are designed to be monitored by you anytime through a smart device or computer.

Intercom Systems in Houses and Businesses

Intercom systems are a key component of creating professional, private work and living spaces where screening incoming visitors is efficient and practical.

Benefits of a PRO Security intercom system include:

  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Convenience
  • Deterrent for vandals and burglars
  • Professionalism

At PRO Security, we specialise in finding an intercom system that suits the needs of the property, and our sales and security technicians are here to give their expert recommendation.

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