Alarm Systems

With the use of strategically placed detectors (or door/window reed switches) and the correct type of alarm system, we can ensure that your premises are secure when you are absent and remain protected from potential intruders.

We offer systems to cater for all requirements, including both NBN ready alarms and self monitoring systems through the use of GSM (text notification) and IP (smartphone control / notifications via an app) modules. Be sure to enquire about getting a tailored quote from one of our sales staff members.

All systems are installed as required by the current Australian Standards.

Alarm Systems

24 Hour Monitoring

PRO security has been providing 24 hour back to base monitoring* Australia wide for the past 25 years. To ensure the highest level of monitoring available all our clients are monitored in a Grade A1 control room.

With both telephone (dialler) and wireless (GPRS) options including video verification (using CCTV) monitoring, we can guarantee the highest level of service at an affordable price.

Having your alarm system monitored provides you with peace of mind that instantly in the event of an alarm activation, the appropriate people will be contacted and/or further action will be taken as required.

24 Hour Monitoring
*Not happy with your current provider?
Switch to PRO security to receive a guaranteed cheaper price and the first three (3) months free of charge.

CCTV Systems

We are able to design and install a CCTV system that will cover all areas of your residence / workplace you need to view. Once set up, remote access from your iPhone, etc. is available to allow you to view the camera/s whilst offsite.

A CCTV system not only protects your premises but can also be utilised to monitor your staff (OH & S, etc.) and will provide a visual deterrence to would be intruders.

Our broad range of CCTV systems allows us to suit any budget.

CCTV Systems

Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems allow you to monitor any person wanting to enter your home / business. Installing either a video / audio intercom will allow you to communicate with any person trying to enter the property.

Video intercoms will not only allow you to communicate with people but also provide you with visual verification as to who it is requesting entrance to your home / workplace. Audio intercoms will only allow you to communicate with whoever is at the door.

We offer all systems available on the market ranging from a basic system with 1-1 communication to IP intercoms that will can call your mobile phone if required.

With systems available for homes to systems available for multilevel apartment buildings PRO security can assist with all requirements.

Intercom System

Access Control Systems

Installing an access control system allows you to designate who gets access to your premises and once inside what part/s of the building also.

Staff will be allocated with authorization cards such as fobs / cards that will provide them with access to areas designated by yourself.

Doors are secured either by an electric strike and / or a MAG lock.

Access Control Website


PRO security are able to offer you either permanent and / or temporary (nightly) patrols.

The patrol will be designed to ensure the officer conducts a full external (or internal) check of your premises.

We also offer static security guard/s as required upon request for any specific purpose. All guards are licenced as required.

Should you have any queries regarding the above, please contact me direct.

Patrol Man