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    Top Reasons Why Home Security Systems Fail

    It has been decades since the introduction of basic home security systems. A lot has changed since then, when electromagnetic contacts were the main security system that were simply attached to an alarm bell and a battery to alert people when doors or windows were opened.

    In recent years, home security systems have evolved greatly, and the number of security companies have also increased, as more and more people are securing their homes with advanced alarm and monitoring systems. However, even though there have been much development of security related technologies, home security systems can fail to function, for various reasons.

    Understanding the Failure of Home Security Systems

    While most home security systems do work, there are times when they fail to function properly. When home security systems do fail, it is a serious problem because you and your home will be unprotected. Some of the main reasons why home security systems fail are listed below:

    The alarm system is not armed

    It is not uncommon that people will often forget to arm their home alarm systems in a hurry to leave the house. This leaves homes in an unprotected state because when the alarm system is not armed, it is the same as not having an alarm. However, there are now home alarm systems that can be armed using a smartphone app or scheduled to turn on a specific time each day.

    Power outages and no battery back-up – modern home security systems require power to function. If there is not a reliable battery back-up in place, in the event of an unexpected power outage, then CCTV video recording and the home security system will be rendered inoperable.

    There are home security systems and monitoring services that can notify you in the event of power loss. It is recommended to buy top-quality batteries that are guaranteed to delivery at least 4-6 hours of needed electricity in the event of a power outage.

    Many people purchase home alarm systems and install these themselves, mostly to protect their families from fire and intruders. However, it is highly recommended hiring a professional security company to determine the best home security systems to install in your home, as they are aware of the latest technologies that can best protect your home and family.

    At PRO Security, we can inspect your house and any security systems you have, and then provide a professional report that will recommend how best to secure your home and family, using the latest security technologies.

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